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Bug parsing flow statistics message

Occasional Contributor

Bug parsing flow statistics message



I've been trying to get flow statistics from an Open vSwitch using HP's SDN Controller Service function getFlowStats but it seems to have a problem reading the reply from the switch.


I'm creating a flow entry that pushes a Vlan Header, sets the Vlan Id field to 100 and sends packets out a specific port.
I've narrowed it down to realize that the error is cause when the controller reads a flow message that contains a SET_FIELD action.


Using Wireshark I can see the flow entry is correctly installed on the switch and I can even see their messages being exchanged and packets being correctly marked with the Vlan Id.

When the controller receives the of_flow_stats_reply message it shows following log message:


 [2015-06-11 13:39:41.953] WARN of-io-26-thread-14 hp.of.msglib Parse terminated before end. Start=0, Target=192, Read=178, Remaining=14


Wanted to know if someone could help me solve this problem or find an alternative solution.


Thank you,

Pa Martins