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Command View Connection

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Command View Connection


i have some troubles with Command View connections to 2 EVA4400's, and i think i have already seen the resolution somewhere here.

This is a Continous Access config on two remote rooms separated with about 200 meters :
- room A with 2 Brocade v6.2.1, EVA4400 v9.006 and a ManApp with Command View 9.1
- room B with 2 Brocade v6.2.1, EVA4400 v9.522 and a ManApp with Command View 9.1

Each ManApp sees without problem its near EVA4400, but there is connection problem with the coresponding remote EVA4400 :
- no seen, or
- seen with the follwing message in GUI :
"Blocked HSV300 V09 Storage System ***Managed by another agent***
With SSSU, the message is :
Error : error storage cell is managed by another agent : ManagementAgentName : 'Name of Remote ManApp' ManagementAgentIP : 'IP of RemoteManApp'

This behavior is the same with the remote Command View service stopped.

Is there a command to unlock the Command View connection ?




P.S. This thread has eben moevd from Disk Array to HP Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU). - Hp Forum Moderator

Uwe Zessin
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Re: Command View Connection

Yes, SSSU goes through the same agent as the CV-EVA GUI. The command to 'take over' an EVA is:
> set system EVANAME manage
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Re: Command View Connection

Thank you for input,

it's a long story.

The first time the SSSU command 'set system EVA2 manage' gives an error.

So the paths seen by cvutil have marked 'non valid' or 'not responsive'.

Reboot the ManApp1 and the Controller 1 of EVA2, and the paths become valid.

Then, the EVA2 was not seen from ManApp1, i do the SSSU command 'refresh' and the EVA2 appears.

And after, i do a SSSU command 'set system EVA2 manage' again and the connexion to EVA2 is OK.

The same think on room B does not give the same result, the 'refresh' or 'rediscover' command is not able to show EVA1.

I will try when upgrade to 9.522 will be made

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Re: Command View Connection

Next time, i will failover every DR Groups on EVA2, to upgrade EVA1, and after power up of this EVA, i hope ManApp2 will see the 2 EVA