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Creating snapshots and mounting them using SSSU

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Creating snapshots and mounting them using SSSU


Here's the scenario:

We have EVA3000, VCS 3.028. We want to be able to use SSSU to create snapshots of our oracle 10g database in hot backup mode. Then have those snapshots presented to an hpux media server running netbackup 6.0MP3. We are struggling with Business Copy to try and do this but it takes too long. We would like to be able to script it using SSSU then somehow mount it on the backup server then backup the mounted volumes then dismount. Is there somewhere you can point me to do this? I already have the SSSU manual but it doesn't really give examples on how to mount it. I can create the snapshots and I can present them but I don't know how to find the volume and mount it. I am not a unix admin but I can get around. Thanks for your time and efforts. If you can point me to a really good book I would appreciate it. And if you have the scripts I would appreciate it.

Thanks again
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Creating snapshots and mounting them using SSSU

SSSU is a command line oriented management tool for the EVA - it cannot help you to mount/diskmount any disks on the host. This really is the job of the Business Copy framework (the old EVM or the current RSM).

If you like to do the mount on your own, you can use SSSU's output to identify the VDisk/Snapshot by its 128-bit LUN WWN which does show up in "# spmgr display" as well.
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Re: Creating snapshots and mounting them using SSSU

Here is an example of us using sssu to copy and present luns then using scripts to present/recreate the disks on the host. I'm sure scripting the firing of a backup afterwards would not be too hard.

This too a fair bit effort to put in but once automated is very straightforward.

This is specific to our site but hope it is of use and you understand the steps you have to go through

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Re: Creating snapshots and mounting them using SSSU

Sorry - should have said...

The best thing to do is go through all this manually first.


Disable Oracle, run sssu script, then run commands to create the disks etc.

Once you nail the procedure, then you can create a shell script to automate the entire thing.

Only thing to watch out for is when you recreate the disks using sssu you want to make sure you create them with the same WWN i.e.

ADD SNAPSHOT snap1 VDISK="\Virtual Disks\\DG1_1\ACTIVE" ALLOCATION_POLICY=DEMAND REDUNDANCY=VRAID5 WORLD_WIDE_LUN_NAME = 5007-08c4-0010-09ed-0001-0000-01ba-0000

As this will save you a lot of headaches on the unix side.