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PolyservSQL Network Outages?

Michelle Barton
Frequent Advisor

PolyservSQL Network Outages?

We are experiencing what appearsto be a few second network outage on nodes within our polyserv sql cluster which cause db's to start failing over. This does NOT appear to be network related, but rather something within Polyserv. Anyone experience this?
Dan Tyndale

Re: PolyservSQL Network Outages?

Could be several things and it depends on how its setup and your network.

1) Although the network guys tell you the network is fine and up, does PolyServe detect otherwise? Look in the PP.log and PP_Topology log for network drops or not connected errors during SQL events.

2) PolyServe, and other clustered file systems, are very sensitive to Broadcom firmware, driver versions. Are you current with your Broadcoms? We have seen many issues with older (2009) versions. (Depending on the series - is close to current)

3) Have you increased the timeout values on the SQL VHost?
Probe Configuration:
Timeout (seconds): ?
Frequency (seconds): ?

You can increase the Timeout value up to 45 but take it in small increments. See Admin guide for more info.

4) Without reviewing data, are you experiencing any errors in

a) 11364 or 11365 in Matrix Log around SQL timeouts?
b) grpcommd.log - Search for Watchdog timeouts?
c) sanpulse.log - any watchdog Connection closed by daemon?

More info below - but has to do with being able to communicate over loopback adapter. Esp. prevelant if you are using IA.

TcpMaxDataRetransmissions 5 default --> Change to 10

Please post more info.