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Polyserve File Access Auditing?

Greg Dejno
Occasional Visitor

Polyserve File Access Auditing?

I wanted to find out if it is possible to implement file access auditing for files and folders on a Polyserve shared volume. We attempted to turn on the Microsoft Windows 2003 file access auditing, but the events are not generated. Does anyone know a solution to accomplish this?
Joseph T. Wyckoff
Honored Contributor

Re: Polyserve File Access Auditing?

The current answer seems to be that that is non-supported (3.6 and prior) and I am not aware of a support projection.


Unsupported Features

The following NTFS features are not supported on PSFS filesystems:

Alternate data streams. This behavior is consistent with the FAT filesystem. Applications will typically discard any alternate data streams such as summary properties.

File encryption and compression. This behavior is consistent with the FAT filesystem.


System ACLs and filesystem auditing.
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Keith Teague
Occasional Visitor

Re: Polyserve File Access Auditing?

ALternate Data Streams are supported as of 3.6.1
Nicholas Farmer
Occasional Advisor

Re: Polyserve File Access Auditing?

Any updates to this?
Does anyone know of any software that can audit file access within polyserve?

We found out that Varonis stated they could audit polyserve Until we asked them a 10th time and then they said no.