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SSSU scripts

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Rick Garland
Honored Contributor

SSSU scripts

Hi all:

Working with SSSU 4.1 on HPUX 11.11 with EVA 5000 & 8000.

Been investigating and exploring the SSSU capabilities and I find it can produce lots of information and do lots of stuff for you.

I am looking for a little help here as I do not want to reinvent the wheel. But any generic scripts that somebody can provide? I am looking to snapclone an Oracle instance and then present it to another host.

I have been researching the templates from the SSSU and Oracle Integration Guide but I do not find it very useful. The theory it provides is good stuff but I find the Guide lascks in the application side.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: SSSU scripts

with a BC license you can also use the Replication Solutions Manager which is a framework to control snap creation and mounting/dismounting volumes:
Rick Garland
Honored Contributor

Re: SSSU scripts

Yes, we have the BC licenses for both EVAs but the situation I am faced with is making something that I can let the DBAs work with in that they can input the argument for the instance they want to snap and the argument for the host system they want to mount that snap onto.

Using the RSM in the GUI format is not something I would like to have the DBAs messing around in.

Rick Garland
Honored Contributor

Re: SSSU scripts

Checking the RSM capabilities. One concern I have is the password - I don't want to advertise it.

Are there any other ideas out there that would allow the DBAs to do this without having to involve SAs for every task they need done?