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SSSU shutdown script error

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SSSU shutdown script error


I am trying to run the following shutdown script on are EVA using SSSU v 9.3,

SELECT MANAGER san01 user=adminUser pass=yourpassword
! Name of EVA must be Uppercase
!Shutdown Controllers and Drive Enclosures
SHUTDOWN "\Hardware\Rack 1\Controller Enclosure 7\Controller B" ALL_PEERS
! SSSU EVA Shutdown script end

However the script encounters an error when trying to select the Manager, the select manager command returns the error "command not valid"
Rob Leadbeater
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Re: SSSU shutdown script error

Hi Paul,

I'm not sure how strict the command parsing is in SSSU, but looking at the reference guide here:

the command should be:

SELECT MANAGER san01 USERNAME=adminUser PASSWORD=yourpassword



Re: SSSU shutdown script error

Select Manager syntax is not *that* strict. If it was, Paul wouldn't have been able to log in and even attempt to send the shutdown command.

Paul, it *is* good form to not abbreviate inside scripts. Any script, any language.

Now: Paul, have you tried running SSSU interactively, see if SSSU returns a complaint about something in the command syntax?

Then, drill down in the Hardware folder in Command View. At the moment, I'm just doing this from memory, but isn't the controller
"\Hardware\Rack 1\Enclosure 7\Controller B" ? I don't recall seeing a "Controller Enclosure 7". Try using
SHUTDOWN "\Hardware\Rack 1\Enclosure 7\Controller B" ALL_PEERS

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