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Using sssu on Linux ia32 to configure EVA5000

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Catalin Tache_1
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Using sssu on Linux ia32 to configure EVA5000


I have a EVA500 storage and some Linux boxes running RedHat A.S. 2.1 connected to it.

On one of this servers is installed the packet ENTsssu-5.72.rpm which cames with Linux for enterprise virtual array 5000 v3.0 (may2003).

On the management appliance server is running command view eva

When I try to select a storage system I get invalid username or password error. But the username and password are good, I've tested them through the web interface.

# sssu "file com"

SSSU Build 72 for EVA Version 3

NoSystemSelected> SHOW SYSTEM

Error: EMClientAPITNG error ->
EMCLIENTAPI_PERMISSIONDENIED_ERROR : Invalid username or password.

Any ideas?

Re: Using sssu on Linux ia32 to configure EVA5000

SSSU connects to the appliance using the WBEM password. If we are talking about a new Storage Appliance, the default password is *not* adminXXXXXX (W2K password), but the Web-Based Mgmt password: "administrator".

And with the installation of command view eva, it took me days to figure out how to change it:
When you first connect to the appliance, the WBEM Device Home page is displayed. In the upper left it shows "Login Account" followed by a username. Click on the username.
On the account login screen, click on the "changed" link.

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