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WAIT Problem in SSSU

Matt Palmer_2
Respected Contributor

WAIT Problem in SSSU


I have the following script for sssu to create a container and then create and present a snapclone to a host. The commands and the script work fine, if the command arguments are executed singularly, but if run in sequence produce an error regarding the fact that the container is not yet big enough for the snap to take place.

I dont seem to be able to use WAIT_FOR_COMPLETION in the line which creates the container (should I be able to use this as a valid argument?)

Also I have tried to use the SET OPTION COMMAND_DELAY=10, but this doesnt seem to have a positive impact either.

please take a look and share your opinion on my best way forward


Re: WAIT Problem in SSSU

Normally, creating the container with the Add Container command is a One Time thing. The whole idea of containers is being able to reserve disk group storage to reduce or eliminate disk group leveling. It *is* a little odd that there is no WAIT option for the Add Container command. As it stands, you will need to have two separate SSSU sessions, the first to create the container, and once it is done, a second to create the snapclone and present the LUN. I would assume, going forward, that when you are ready, you would convert the snapclone vdisk back into its container form, and then redo the second part and re-snap the clone.
You could have a third session that would LS "\Virtual Disks\hostgroup\host\host_cont" FULL XML, and then parse the output from SSSU to determine if the container is ready. If not, wait a minute or two, and check again.

Secondly, you can put most (all?) of the SSSU commands into a single text file and then simply
/usr/local/src/sssu_sles9_x86 "FILE sssu-commands.txt"
or, any combination of that and passing arguments in from the bash shell.

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