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sql.preg timeout period expired

Tammy Lawson

sql.preg timeout period expired

Receiving period emails from various VSQLs. Nothing appears to be harmed so I've been ignoring them. Should I increase a timeout seeting somewhere? If so, where?

message: Volume C:\SQLMounts\PRODDATA\OTGPRD\Data\sql.preg from instance OTGPRD failed with error This operation returned because the timeout period expired.
Dan Tyndale

Re: sql.preg timeout period expired

SQL.preg contains the registry keys that are copied from live SQL node to backup SQL node during a failover or rehost. The message indicates either 1) a network issue or 2) a storage issue. You can adjust the timeout value also (Right click OTGPRD in Application tab, Probe configuration.

Probe Configuration:
Timeout (seconds): 45 seconds is the max we should consider.

1) Network -
Make certain you have current NIC drivers, esp if using Broadcom.
Verify all the network config stuff - Public has discourage admin. Admin network has admin traffic configured.
Verify Flow control, RSS and all offloads are disbled on ALL nics;
Public NIC should be first followed by the admin network in the Network Bindings

Admin Network Interface Card (NIC)
* Disable NetBIOS over = TCP/IP
* Remove the checkmark for Client for Microsoft and File and Print sharing.
* IP properties - Advanced - DNS tab - Uncheck â Register this connectionâ s addresses in DNS.â This is checked by default
* Do not list any DNS servers for the private NICs.
* Remove File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks
* Leave the DNS and WINS fields blank on the private interfaces.

2) Storage - verify not using unsupported storport driver and current or 1 revision back miniport driver. All storage VAR require minimum of this driver version.