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HP RISS / IAP Questions.

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HP RISS / IAP Questions.


I'm kinda surveying first, I work with an HP RISS/IAP system and very often I have questions to ask.

How many people around know about RISS or deals with RISS, can I use this section of the Forums to ask for RISS questions? I donpt see any other place in the forums.

Maybe if we count many we can have a separate RISS section.

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Re: HP RISS / IAP Questions.

maybe this doc could help you:
the pain is one part of the reality
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Re: HP RISS / IAP Questions.

I have them all, I was for some kind of RISS community forum..
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Re: HP RISS / IAP Questions.

hi chongkan
same for me, with a recent riss setup and some questions to deal with.
perhpas could we list and cross our questions?
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Re: HP RISS / IAP Questions.

Sure, send me an e-mail with your questions or post them here so other users can access them.

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Re: HP RISS / IAP Questions.

Hi All,
Maybe someone can help with this.
I have a SmartCell which shows up as DEAD in the PCC overview screen and also when I run a viewAppState command.

The linux seams fine and the viewcloudstate shows the SC as Started.

I have rebooted the SC and the IAP, I have also re-Kicked the SC, putting the clearall in the BBC file but the cell still shows as dead.
see attached screenshot and output from view commands.

Has any one seen this before or have any ideas?

Hope you can help.