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Installing FPNW error RPC server Unavailable

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Installing FPNW error RPC server Unavailable

I'm trying to install FPNW on a nas 1000s 320.
After i have selected Netware File and Printservices and klick OK the server responds like this:

Could not add requested component. Error: the rpc service is unavailable.

The nas is just installed. Placed in a workgroup (or in a NT4 domain), the NIC has a fixed IP-address. We would like it to serve in a nw 4.11 nds.

The name of this appliance is even known to the DNS. And resolving is no problem

What is the problem, how could it be fixed

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Re: Installing FPNW error RPC server Unavailable

Is your RPC service running? Check your services, and verify that it is.

It is entirely possible that your server is infected with the Blaster Worm, or one of its variants. Due to a bug in these worms, the RPC service crashes.

(Usually when the RPC service crashes, the box also reboots within 60 seconds or so. This is something else to check for in your event log.)