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MSA20 and SMART controller cache

Brendan Owen
Occasional Contributor

MSA20 and SMART controller cache

Does anbody know whether when you user an MSA20 drive shelf with a SA6400 series controller, the cache on the SAMRT controller used at all or is it just the cache in the MSA20.

I am wondering whether it is worth attaching two MSA20 shelves to different SA6400 controllers or not
Jon Paul
Trusted Contributor

Re: MSA20 and SMART controller cache

Hi Brendan,
When connecting to the MSA20, the SmartArray controller works in a "PASS-THRU" mode. The 6400 cache does not get utilized. When you look at the controllers in the HP Array Configuration Utility, you will see the 6400 and any MSA20s as seperate controllers.
Hope this helps,
Jon Paul