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Media Vault MV2010 as web server problem

Bryan Eley
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Media Vault MV2010 as web server problem

First, I apologize is this isn't the appropriate forum for this.
An acquaintance of mine has modified his consumer Media Vault to serve up web pages across his intranet. He's created a web page that allows a user to click on a link and allow users the option of install Firefox 2.x .XPI addons. However, the problem he is seeing is that instead of a dialog appearing where a user may elect to install, the .XPI's contents get displayed, much in the same way if you were to open up an XPI in notepad. The client system(s) are XP Pro.

Anyone have any ideas why this might be? I'm not familiar with this type of unit nor the web server used (maybe an apache flavor?).
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Re: Media Vault MV2010 as web server problem

I have a similiar problem... without getting into it, what I learned is that you whatever you host on the vault as web server, it will be seen by the web user in the same way that it would if it were hosted on a local network drive.

For example, ASP files do not host properly, but HTM, HTML, txt, JPG, etc work fine.