NAS 1000 S

Philip Leighton
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NAS 1000 S

A warning note to all who have NAS 100)s (1TB)

I had the HP spare sent to me and was unable to rebuild the array due to the LBA problem.

I was told the best way to rebuild would be to start from scratch and do a restore. Not on your nelly - I didnt pay for RAID to have these problems. Even if I did that another drive might go next week then I am back to square 1.

I have also been told its lucky dip as far as the drives are concerned. I am awaiting a second replacement drive but am not guarrenteed that its going to work.

This is all very poor - maybe this was acceptable in the ealy days of raid but hey this is 2004.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: NAS 1000 S

It sounds like they got new disk drives (from a new vendor?) that have slightly less capacity. No RAID will help.