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NAS b2000 Data Copy - ? on mirror and replication settings

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NAS b2000 Data Copy - ? on mirror and replication settings

We have identical b2000 v2 servers running data copy On the connection manager window, under the mirroring tab, there are options for mirroring and mirroring on autoreconnect. How would these settings have to be configured for a new file that was created on the source server to be copied over to the target server? Does mirroring have to be enabled for this to happen?

Do you have to have full file copy on autoreconnect enabled? Also, would the file copy over if only file differences was enabled under mirroring section?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: NAS b2000 Data Copy - ? on mirror and replication settings

Merely configuring a replication set is sufficient to start replicating files from the source to the target (provided, of course, that the target is listening and allows the connection in). The settings you are listing have nothing to do with typical daily replication or usage.

Is the problem that your files are not replicating? If this is the first time you've configured the replication set, and it's not replicating, simply restart the NAS Data Copy service. This will cause NAS Data Copy to reestablish the connection and flush out the data.

(This problem only occurs on an initial replication set configuration. Once the replication set starts, you don't have to do this ever again.)

What mirroring is in regards to is in the scenarios where:

1) This is the first time you've setup the replication set. It has to initially mirror everything -- that is, push all the data over the wire to the target. This is the only way the source can know for a fact what the state of the target is, and that the target is in synch with the source.

2) If the connection between the source and the target were to go down for an extended period of time. When this occurs, the "transaction queue" which queues up the changes to send across can be overrun. When that happens, NAS Data Copy gives up on trying to save transactions, and marks the entire volume as requiring a re-mirror.

There are various options you can configure for how you want a mirroring/re-mirroring to occur. There is way too much to go over here in a forum posting.

NAS Data Copy is just re-branded NSI DoubleTake. The version numbers you listed correspond directly to those NSI DoubleTake versions.

I would highly recommend that you hit the NSI DoubleTake website ( and read the product documentation and white paper solutions. They explain all the options in detail, give configuration scenarios, and explain the consequences of certain configurations.