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NAS1200s NFS - unix find.

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NAS1200s NFS - unix find.

I have also posted this to " "

I have a windows 2003 server. It has installed "Microsoft Services
for Network File System". Its version 7.1.2239.1

I have an odd issue. I have shared a filesystem and its being
accessed by a Suse linux machine. The share works a treat, the
correct users are able to access it fine. However the unix find
command fails - it simply returns nothing !

The standard unix find works fine on all local filesystems but fails
on the shared - for example :

find /shared -name paul.txt -print | more

Any ideas ?
I have got all events logging to the event log - but I couldnt see
anything in the log of any help.

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Re: NAS1200s NFS - unix find.


The NFS share is mounted fine on the client - aka suse linux. All the files & permissions again are okay. Whats odd is that we have now spotted that :

find /shared -name -follow -print

works. Now I could understand if we had a load of symlinks - but we
don't. Odd or what !

Neil Ford
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Re: NAS1200s NFS - unix find.

You need to use the -noleaf switch in the find command to get it to traverse down the directories in the NFS share. This is because the directory doesn't present the correct number of hard links (do an ls -l on an ext3 filesystem and compare this with what you get on an NFS filesystem supplied by the NAS box. The link count on the directories should be at least 2 but it isn;t for the NAS box.