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Nas1200s to be added to an Novell environment

Vinh Luu
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Nas1200s to be added to an Novell environment

Hi All,

We are running netware 5.1 as our file server and it is running out of disk space (no more slots to add hard disk) so we purchased a NAS 1200s.

Has anyone ever set this up in a novell environment and how did you go about doing so.


Re: Nas1200s to be added to an Novell environment

You need to isntall the file and print services for netware first like this

Installing Services for Netware
To install Services for Netware follow the steps below

Open the WebUI and navigate to the Maintanence Tab
Select the Remote Desktop link and log into the session
Right click on My Network places and select properties
Right click on an active Network link and select properties
Select Install
Highlight Service and select Add..
Select Have Disk and browse to the file in the following location: c:\hpnas\Components\SFN5.02\fpnw\netsfn.inf
Highlight File and Print Services for Netware and select Ok
When prompetd specify the directory for the SYS volume and the Supervisor account password
A reboot is required to complete the installation

Then You can manage it via the control panel using FPNW.

FPNW resources are managed through Server Manager. Server Manager can be used to modify FPNW properties and manager shared volumes.

File and Print Services for NetWare version 5.0 enables a NAS device to appear similar to a Novell NetWare 3.12-compatible file and print server. Installing File and Print Services for NetWare enables users of NetWare client computers to access volumes shared on the NAS device. This requires no changes or additions to the software on the NetWare client computers.

You can use File and Print Services for NetWare to:

Access files and modify file settings and permissions from Computer Management, and use third party tools that can be used with NetWare servers.
Create and manage user accounts by using Active Directory Users and Computers.
Perform secured log ons.
Support packet burst and Large Internet Packet (LIP).
Support NetWare locking and synchronization primitives that are used by some NetWare-specific applications.
Support long file names, compatible with OS/2 long file name (LFN) support.

File and Print Services for NetWare does not support the following NetWare groups and functions:

Workgroup Managers
User disk volume restrictions
Setting Inherited Rights Masks (IRMs)
NetWare loadable modules
Transaction Tracking System (TTS)
Vinh Luu
Occasional Advisor

Re: Nas1200s to be added to an Novell environment

Hi michael,

I am unable to luanch the WebUI.

I open a browser and enter https://:3202 but get page cannot be displayed. What am I doing wrong.

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Re: Nas1200s to be added to an Novell environment


Can you get to the NAS console (direct attach or via remote desktop from a network client)? If you can, try launching the webUI using the browser local to the 1200s.
The NAS login box should be displayed. The http address to the NAS box using this method is: https://localhost:3202

If this works, my guess is there could be a networking issue between the 1200s and the nnetwork client you are attempting to access NAS webUI with.