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Re: Shadow Copy crashes server after SR 5.5 installed

Brent Lawson
Occasional Contributor

Shadow Copy crashes server after SR 5.5 installed

We have just purchased a new HP ProLiant DL100, I decided I would test the Quick Restore DVD before we started using the server.

I discovered that as soon as we install the Storage Server Service Release 5.5, whenever we schedule a shadow copy to run it seems to lock up the hard disks (no activity) and the server does a hard reboot.

I tested this a few times by restoring the server and this does not happen until the SR 5.5 update is installed.

Has anyone else come across this problem and if so, have you been able to find a solution?

Brent Lawson
Occasional Contributor

Re: Shadow Copy crashes server after SR 5.5 installed

FYI - Working with HP we were able to finally solve the problem and it related to the order of installing the Updates. To allow Shadow Copies to work with SR5.6 do the following:

1) Use Quick Restore DVD to rebuild OS partitions
2) Using SR5.6 (presume it will work with 5.5 as well) install SP1 (do NOT install hotfixes that come with SR5.6)
3) Install Microsoft Update 891957 from
4) Using SR 5.6 iinstall remaining hotfixes

Please note that installing MS Update 891957 after the hotfixes wil not solve problem of Shadow Copies rebooting server, it needs to be installed after SP1 installed and before the rest of the hotfixes.