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Update Windows2003 with SP1

Alister Wong
Occasional Contributor

Update Windows2003 with SP1

I have ordered a RS5.6 and I want to apply a update(Win2k3 SP1) to my NAS. However, there is no a clear instruction(for windows update only) inside the DVD that was shipped by HP since I don't have Exchange server in my system.
1)Do I only autorun the DVD and follow its instructions?

2)Do I have to follow the instruction to enable the windows updates first before autorun the DVD? if so, should I disable those function after complete the update?

3)There are 2 NAS in my system (active/passive). Any procedure I should take before I apply the updates?

Thank you in advance



Re: Update Windows2003 with SP1


When you use autorun a new app gets installed to helpo you update future releases. We just upgraded form SR5.5 to 5.6, 5.5 gave us SP1.

As you can see from the attached file on the right hand side you put int he drive you have hte DVD in or mapped to remote DVD server, then click check for updates and it will automatically see what MS patches are isntalled or OS etc. You can then check/uncheck options as required.

Hope this helps