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X1600 fan noise

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X1600 fan noise

Hi there


We’re using a StorageWorks X1600 G2 ( as a DAS together with a D380 via iSCSI. Basically everything works fine, but I have a problem with the fan noise from the X1600 – and can’t find any solutions online. During the boot process there is a calibration part and it looks like everything’s ok. But usually during the regular work process, the fan is really, really loud – it does not sound very healthy… .


Does anybody uses an X1600 and has similar problems? Or has anybody an idea, what the problem can be? The temperature in the air-conditioned server room is around 23° Celsius; all other devices have no problems. Are there any settings which I have to check other than the BIOS (any HP-Software)?



Thanks for any suggestions & help,


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Re: X1600 fan noise



At first , please check if  the bios and iLo versions are up to date.


Please provide the fan speed % . Please provide the model number of the  hard drives and the FW versions of the hdds.


You can try to remove all jumpers from jumper block J27 and J16.





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Re: X1600 fan noise

Hi, same problem here: just commissioned an X1600G2 jet engine.  It is 20x louder than our DL380G6!  A real issue for location in a small office environment.


ILO2 (updated to v2.07) reports all four fans at 48%.

Bios updated to 05/05/2011

Drives are 6x 2TB SATA, Model: MB2000EAMZF with firmware HPG3


By way of comparison, our DL380G6 reports fans running at 13%-17% in the same environment, with 4 drives fitted.


Is there any way of dealing with this, e.g. HP bios update?