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20/700 and Data Protector

Eric Buckner
Regular Advisor

20/700 and Data Protector

Hi everyone we have a new 20/700 library that I have SAN connected. I would like to know if anyone has written a script or something to move tapes from the CAP to empty slots automatically when the CAP is closed? When I was running a NetBackup Proof of Concept, it did this automatically. I would like to do something similar to this, but I would also like to have it recycle/initialize any media that has expired or happens to be new.

Has anyone done this for the 20/700? From my understanding DP has no functionality to do this so I am guessing we gotta script it. If I am wrong someone point me in the right direction.

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Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: 20/700 and Data Protector


1st you'd probably get more responses to this if you posted it in the OmniBack/Data Protectore forum here:,,251,00.html

What your describing can be done, and yes you do need to script it... I hope the node controlling your library is UNIX or your gonna be learning perl real quick if your on windows! Here are some pointers:

1) use the uma command to determine the current contents of your CAP, and find empty slots, e.g.

echo "stat X" | uma -ioctl /dev/picker -barcode

for the CAP, and

echo "stat S" | uma -ioctl /dev/picker -barcode

for the slots.

(you'll need to determine the device file for your library for this to work)

Then use the omnimm command to enter tapes into the library, e.g.

omnimm -enter hp-20-700 10

to load a tape into slot 10 - again you'll need to use the name of your library as defined in Omniback.

omnimm looks in all slots in the CAP, so run it once for every tape in the CAP to load them all.

2) There's no need to recycle old media when it has expired, it will just get re-used if its in the right tape pool. If you *do* want to recycle a piece of media for any reason, its the omnimm command again:

omnimm -recycle 000101

to recycle tape with barcode 000101.

3) Again you can format new tapes using omniminit:

omniminit -init lto01 "Monday_1" -pool "Default LTO-Ultrium" -slot 10

which initialises the tape in slot 10 into the default pool for LTO tapes using tape device lto01, and attaching the label 'Monday_1' to the media. If there's something already on the tape (not just Omniback ut even just a tar archive) you would have to use the -force option.

Hope this is useful,



Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: 20/700 and Data Protector


If you have a HP-UX host connected to your SAN if is possible to write a script for moving medias in the library (HP-UX "mc" command or Data Protector "uma"). The problem is to do this automatic when the CAP is closed (I don't realy know what CAP is but I assume it is some kind of mailslot). This should need some kind of agent or service running which monitors the library.

There is no need for recycling or initializing expired medias in data protector, the media is ready for backup when all backup objects on the media has expired. And new (unused) medias is initialized automatic if Media Pool allocation policy is "loose".
Eric Buckner
Regular Advisor

Re: 20/700 and Data Protector

Thanks I will post it over there. I have done what you are suggesting on our old 6/60, looks like I am gonna be doing it for the 20/700.

The CAP(Cartridge Access Port) is StorageTek's mailslot. Any idea on how to monitor the library for the mailslot open/close?

Per Duncan's suggestion I am gonna repost this in the Omniback section.
Time is not a test of the truth.
Eric Buckner
Regular Advisor

Re: 20/700 and Data Protector

I got to wondering about what you said about 'loose' allocation policy and I don't understand something. If you put 'NEW' media in the library, how does DP know to format it and put it in the Default Pool, and when does it do this?

My concern would be this would happen at the moment that you actually needed a tape which would delay the backup. And if you needed 1 chances are you need more than 1.
Time is not a test of the truth.
Occasional Contributor

Re: 20/700 and Data Protector

we have a script to move from cap to slots hope this helps

omnimm -repository xxxxxx_LTO_Library |awk '/Empty/ {print $1}'| head -$NUM_SLO
TS > /tmp/slots.insert
omnimm -enter xxxxxx_LTO_Library $(for SLOT in $(do
TAPE=$(omnimm -repository xxxxxx_LTO_Library | grep '^'$SLOT' '|awk '{p
rint $4}'|tr -d [])
omnimm -modify_medium $TAPE '' ''
exit 0