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5300 tape array and device open problems

David Uraneck
Occasional Advisor

5300 tape array and device open problems

just installed a "refurbed" 5300 tape array on a rp7400. when we plug in a DLT 8000 from a good working system we get: "on tape open: No such device or address". ioscan -fnC tape sees this device, and device files are there (from insf -e). we can even see a daisy-chained Ultrium 230 (external device) on the same SCSI chain. moved the DLT back to the working 5300 and it works fine again. any suggestions? my guess is a bad 5300
Trusted Contributor

Re: 5300 tape array and device open problems

tape array internal cabling can be finnicky.

There is not much that can be done, apart from replacing the backplan under warranty or the entire array. I assume you have tried different slots.

Be aware that there is a fair old run of cabling inside the arrays and you shouldn't daisy chain more than a couple of devices on the same bus within the array
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