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Configuring TapeAlert On MSL 6030 Library

Occasional Contributor

Configuring TapeAlert On MSL 6030 Library

Hello, I have got Veritas Netbackup 4.5 (FP6) which supports TapeAlert technology for cleaning tapes.
On the tape library I have selected "Unconditionally Generate Recovered Error" option. On Veritas Side I have added 2 cleaning media avaialble. These two cleaning media are placed one on each magazine.
I just need to get a confirmation on wheather the same will work fine and media manager of Veritas will initiate the cleaning process if alerted by the Tape Library cia TapeAlert Technology.
Scott McIntosh_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Configuring TapeAlert On MSL 6030 Library

Don't know. Sounds like something to ask Veritas. Nothing non-default has to be done with the MSL for Data Protector to initiate cleanings when alerted by TapeAlert inquiries of the tape drive.

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