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DP51 + Oracle 9i restore question

Occasional Contributor

DP51 + Oracle 9i restore question

Good day !

Let me please ask a question about Data Protector 51 restoring.

I request restore page from DP51 Windows GUI.

I have two configured Oracle9 SIDs backups and RMAN catalog.

They backup all data succesfully everyday for about 2 weeks (workday=incr1,sunday=full).

When I go to Backup -> Backup Specifications -> Oracle8 Server -> and press "CHECK CONFIGURATION" - it shows both SID with RMAN are configured succesfully.

But when I go to Restore -> Oracle8 Server -> -> - I meet strange thing - it shows that only one of two SIDs is normally configured. Second SID throws exception: "12:8341 Invalid username/password; logon denied." when I place cursor on it.

Of cause, I have tried to change all combinations of user:password pairs for second SID at Restore -> Oracle8 Server -> -> SID -> Options -> Settings.
But every combination (including sys) - is not valid... There is no apply button or save configuration button or check configuration button, only restore button... And there is no form to enter user:password pair for RMAN database connection... And there is no chance to enter another item in "Oracle8 Server" list with new parameters... And Iam totally confused - my backup is working well, my restore for this backup has invalid username/password pair...

QUESTION1: May be there is any unix command to update restore information for SID ?

In connection with this problem I can say about another strange thing, when I execute util_cmd for first (succesful) SID:

bash#/opt/omni/lbin/util_cmd -getconf Oracle8 mr
ORACLE_VERSION='9.2.0 64bit';
Configuration read/write operation successful.

It shows me RCVLogin string and ORACLE_DBID string.

When I execute util_cmd for unsuccessful second SID, I dont recive RCVLogin and ORACLE_DBID strings:

bash-2.02# /opt/omni/lbin/util_cmd -getconf Oracle8 nmm
ORACLE_VERSION='9.2.0 64bit';
Configuration read/write operation successful.

QUESTION2: What is a cause of such a different util_cmd command output ?