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Data Protector API/Extention interface with Oracle RMAN

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Data Protector API/Extention interface with Oracle RMAN

I have a database backup system like this: Oracle database 10g, Tape Drive (HP StorageWorks 1U Rack-Mount), and HP Data Protector (5.x or higher).

Oracle 10g comes with a GUI tool OEM (which interfaces with RMAN, i.e. when user makes a selection/enters a parameter, it is the RMAN that will do the job). But when I select the backup method as Tape Drive, it asks for "Media Management Vendor Library Parameters".

1)In the case of the Data Protector, does it comes with some kind API/extention? If so, what should be the values for the "Media Management Vendor Library Parameters"?

2)If the Data Protector does not comes with the API/extention, do I have to purchase it separately?

3)For the above case, do I need both the Data Protector and its API/extention installed, or only either of them is needed?

--What I try to achieve here is to use the Oracle's GUI interface (OEM/RMAN) to communicate with the Data Protector via API/extention.?The Data Protector, in turn, will direct the Tape backup unit. The goal is to do a shceduled hot(online) database backup directly to a Tape drive.

Thanks to help.

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Re: Data Protector API/Extention interface with Oracle RMAN

Hi Scott,

Try to change your default backup device type from tape to pipe_box in your oracle init scripts.

Basil Vizgin
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Re: Data Protector API/Extention interface with Oracle RMAN

Dataprotector have Online Extension option for backing up Oracle by RMAN. This option licensed separately, but you can test it for 60 days if you install Dataprotector and did not enter any licensing information. In that case Dataprotector works in evaluation mode and allow to use all of the features.
For info of Oracle integration read Dataprotector Integration Guide.