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Data Protector cannot write to device

Richard Kupca
Super Advisor

Data Protector cannot write to device

my configuration: NT5.0-DataProtector-IBM LTO 3583 2drivers

When I run backup,sometimes happens: (trouble.txt 23:19:00)
1. [Major] From:BMA "LTOrdv2" scsi:5:0:0:6C
[90:50] Cannot write to device (Details unknown.)
2. [Normal] BMA
Unloading medium to slot 29 from device scsi5:0:0:6C
3. [Normal] BMA
Aborted Media Agent "LTOdrv2"

(debug.txt in the same time)
22/03/2003 23:19:00 MMD.1068.1048 ["sm/mmd/mmdquery.c /main/94":744] A.05.00 b190
[MsgLockDeviceList] could not unlock device LTOdrv2 by req. from host

Sometimes stays the device locked after backup session and when starts the next backup, it cannot write to device (Busy Drive Handling = Eject). The process bma.exe (media agent client) still run after uncessfully backup session. Data Protector don't stop it I must do it manually. Can be the reason of different versions of installed Data Protector clients (all are windows clients)? Or some of them are patched and the other not?
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Data Protector cannot write to device

With this type of problems it is always a good idea to begin with updating and patching your enviroment.