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Data Protector express console

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Stefano Colombo
Regular Advisor

Data Protector express console

Hi All ,
I've got a question regarding DP Express.
I've just reinstalled it on a server and launched the Express Administrator.
The Console opens but in the title bar I see
"Data protector Express 3.50-sp2 - Secondary"
Why is it ? Should it say "primary" ,and moreover what does "secondary" mean ?
D Lancaster
Honored Contributor

Re: Data Protector express console

Hello Stefano,

The Primary reference is actually the Data Protector Express service that is always running. The GUI runs a Secondary incidence of the service.

Although a bit confusing, you can always tell if the service is running. If you ever run the GUI and do not see "secondary" you know that you need to check to make sure the service is running.