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Extracting files using DLT7000

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Extracting files using DLT7000


I need to extract some files from a DLT tape (the files were wrote in the tape using the TAR unix command). So, I have a DLT7000, how do I proceed to select a especific slot and then extract my files from the tape??

harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: Extracting files using DLT7000

The first thing to do is to determine what you mean by "slot". Is your DLT7000 a stacker (multiple tapes in the drive)?

The second thing is to produce a table of contents so that you can determine how the files where backed up, and where the file(s) that you need restored exist.

tar -tvf /dev/rmt/... (where ... is your tape device)

to restore the file, do

tar -xvf /dev/rmt/... filepath

hopefully the tar was a relative backup and not an absolute. A relative backup will start the file path with a period then a slash, like "./var/blah/blah", which will be restored "relative" to where you are currently "cd'ed" to. If it is absolute, then the file path will start with a slash "/", and it will be restored back to its original path. If it is absolute, and you need to restore it elsewhere, then we can give you the commands to "fake" tar out.

live free or die
Live Free or Die

Re: Extracting files using DLT7000

Yes, I have a stacker DLT library, with 8 tapes.

What do i need to know is how do i do to select one of the 8 tapes to read?


Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Extracting files using DLT7000


You need to use the 'mc' command to move tapes
around. Before you can move any tapes you will
need to identify the device that actually does
the tape movements. Typically these are
/dev/robot or /dev/picker so look for these.

To move tapes, heres an example

# mc -p /dev/robot -sS1 -dD1
-p is the picker device being used
-s is the source where the tape is
-d is the destination where you want the tape

To view everything use this to show what is where, here is a sample from my server.
# mc -p /dev/robot -r IDSM
MT_slot_1 EMPTY
IE_slot NONE
DT_slot_1 EMPTY
ST_slot_1 FULL
ST_slot_2 EMPTY
ST_slot_3 EMPTY
ST_slot_4 EMPTY
ST_slot_5 EMPTY
ST_slot_6 FULL
ST_slot_7 FULL
ST_slot_8 FULL
ST_slot_9 FULL
ST_slot_10 FULL
ST_slot_11 FULL
ST_slot_12 EMPTY
ST_slot_13 EMPTY
ST_slot_14 EMPTY
ST_slot_15 FULL

Have a look at the man page for 'mc' for
more information.

Anyone for a Mutiny ?
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Re: Extracting files using DLT7000


Can you attach your full ioscan output. "ioscan -fn"