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HP Colorado II Disaster Recovery Backup

Ron Pace
Occasional Visitor

HP Colorado II Disaster Recovery Backup

I'm using HP Colorado II Version 9.1 software with a HP Colorado 14 GB external Travan drive. After I use the Disaster Recovery Wizard to create a backup set the archieve flags on most of the files backed up are still set. Is there anyway to clear the achieve flags on all the files that are backed up when you run a disaster recovery backup using the Disaster Recovery Wizard?
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: HP Colorado II Disaster Recovery Backup


How are you using CBII ? Are you using differential backups or incrementals ? One clears the archive bits after backup while the other does not.

best regards and a great new year,

Ron Pace
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Colorado II Disaster Recovery Backup


Thanks for the response. I understand the relationship between the archieve bit and a differiential or incremental backup. The problem I'm having is when I use the disaster recovery wizard. I can't figure out how to clear the archieve bit when I run a disaster recovery backup. I would think the archieve bit would be off since I just backed uo every file, but it stays on. Is there anyway to clear the archieve bit as part of creating a disaster recovery backup set?

Thanks again for your help.