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HP LTT tools on Mac and LTO 6

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HP LTT tools on Mac and LTO 6

Hi Folks


We have just recieved a new Scalar i40 from Quantum. It is reporting some strange re-write errors to our backup software (


I have updated the firmware on the drives... and the error count has reduced. For clarity, the software reads:


"error counters are read with a "LOG SENSE" SCSI command 0x4D from the drive's SCSI pages 0x02 and 0x03." as the re-write error.


However, reading the device logs using LTT, doesn't show anything suspect.


I have been trying to run the 'drive assesement test on the drives using LTT tools on the mac server that is running all of this... and i get an error saying that the drive is 'write protected'. When i scan the device i get this:


Product ID : Ultrium 6-SCSI
Drive Technology : LTO
Mech. Serial Number : C38D6F7000
Firmware Rev : 236Z/OEM
Target ID : 171
Target LUN : 219
OBDR Capability : Not Supported
WORM Capability : Supported

Cartridge Information (for cartridge currently in drive):
Cartridge Type : LTO 6 Data
* Capacity : 5000 GB (2:1 data compression)
Write Protected : No
Barcode : Not Set
Cartridge Partitioned: No



but when i then run the test i get:


- Test 'LTO Drive Assessment test' started on device 'HP Ultrium 6-SCSI' at address 'HBA_6151_6429'
- Operations Log
- LTO Drive Assessment Test Options
- Test Coverage : Default
- Allow Overwrite : True
- executing LTO Drive Assessment Test...
- checking tape load ...
- Aborted
- Analysis Results
- LTO Drive Assessment Test, version V19.09.2012
- Test run: Thu Apr 18 10:39:43 2013
- Drive serial number: C38D6F7000
- Data Cartridge Information:
- Vendor: Unknown
- Format: Unknown
- Serial Number: Unknown
- Barcode: Unknown
- The cartridge currently loaded in the drive is write protected.
- This test cannot be performed on a write protected cartridge.
- Please replace the cartridge with a writeable data cartridge and re-run the test.
- Test time: 0:02




So i am presuming this may be to do with the LTO 6 FC drive and compatibility with LTT?


Does anyone have any suggestions as to how or what we might try to get this test run?


thnx so much!