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MSL 6000 tape size error

Occasional Contributor

MSL 6000 tape size error

I have this problem:
whe I try format in Data Protector LTO-Ultrium
tape L2 400 gb, size of this tape is shown as 200 gb.
Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL 6000 tape size error


The tape size specified during a format is only used for some statistics into DataProtector. DP will always use a tape until the end of tape is reached, even if you specify a size of 1 MB or 1TB. You still would end up with approximately 80 GB of compressed data.

I alays use the compression ratio of 2:1, so give a size of 80 GB at the formatting of the tape. But the true compression ratio is data dependent (how much redundant information is stored in the data files?).

The compression ratio of 2:1 is a generalization after many observations, but it isn't a physics law. Usually the compression ratio will be a (bit) higher, but it is better to find out that more data can b stored on a tape then less data.

best regards,