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Problems installing A1375A autoloader

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Stefan Saliba
Trusted Contributor

Problems installing A1375A autoloader

I am trying to install the A1375A Autoloader DLT Library on an L2000 server.
I installed the cabling and verified the presence of the hardware with mapper.

When I do an ioscan I manage to see the instance of the hardware but the class
is unknown. It seems the driver for the library is not in the kernel. It will
manage to see the device id C6280-8000.

I tried the application CD's but it was in vain I could not find drivers.

Can you tell me were to find the drivers for this autoloader or maybe any
documentation regarding the installation. do you know were I can also find an
instruction manual for this model

Andreas Voss
Honored Contributor

Re: Problems installing A1375A autoloader


found a document put you at attachment.