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RMC stops responding

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Occasional Contributor

RMC stops responding

RMC is responding great while pinging but there is no connection with the web browser. There has been a lot of trafic in the network could it be the reason why web server gets jammed? Restarting the library helps but it's not so nice weekly operation in our world wide project. Library type is 4/40 and firmware is 1250. Does new firmware affect RMC web server?
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: RMC stops responding

New firmware 1.30.0 may help with your problem. There were changes made to the memory management in the management card so that it can handle more connections. When the cards were being hammered by code red requests (or other http requests) they would run out of memory and be unable to open new http connections but would still respond to pings.