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Surestore T20 question

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John Whittle
Occasional Contributor

Surestore T20 question

Hi, the company I work for has a Surestore T20. Can anyone tell me if this drive will work with a 40 Gig Tape? The documentation seems to say it can only do 20. Is this a limitation of the drive or the tape?

Can anyone give me any advice on what kind of maintenance should be done on the drive/tapes?

Any help would be appreciate.

Re: Surestore T20 question

The T20 Travan drive can only use tapes that are 20GB or under. A 40GB tape will not work.
As far as maintanace goes, it is a good idea to retention the tape after several backups. The retention re-aligns the tape as well as cleans the read/write heads of the drive. If you are using the software that came with the drive (CBII) retention is found in (TOOLS--MEDIA--RETENTION).
It is also a good idea to keep the optic sensor clean. The optic sensor can be found on the left hand side inside the tape door opening (a little square window). ONLY use compressed air to clean the sensor, no liquids at all!!
Diagnostic tools can be downloaded from, use Tape Assure.
Hope this helps.
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