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TL891 Firmware update

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TL891 Firmware update

We have a TL891 and just added a new expansion unit to it. The expansion unit has an older firmware update on it and we need to update it. I have been told that the StorageWorks Tape and Library Tools should work, but I can not find any firmware out there for these devices. I tried a web update and it caused a fatal exception error. Anyone dealt with these things?

Randy Weis
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Re: TL891 Firmware update

The personality of the device, which is a fundamental firmware "set", needs to be updated. This is normally done at the factory. I had the assistance of Storageworks to update one of mine, through the use of FUP tapes. These update the personality of the device from Digital to Compaq, and then bring the firmware up to date. Put in a support call for this. It is not an easy process.
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Jan Klier
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Re: TL891 Firmware update

Unfortunately the firmware update is not supported for the TL891 in L&TT as it is my understanding that it only accepts firmware via the serial port.

There is a program that HP support uses that has the serial port capability to talk to these libraries.
Rick Dyson
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Re: TL891 Firmware update

I used a simple Windows tool via the serial port. It was pretty easy. I can't find that kit, but I did find another one. From it:

This firmware can be loaded to the storage tape library in the following ways:

Serial port connection to the library running MS-DOS or a windows terminal emulator running The Compaq TL891/TL892 Series Tape Diagnostic Software (LibCenter Version 3.1) included with this file.

Compaq Tape Storage Mangement.Console software for Windows Operating Systems

Compaq???s SCSI CAM utility under Compaq's Tru64 operating system.

NOTE: TSMC is now obsoleted, but I think it is still available. Finding the actual firmware file can sometimes be the hardest part of the process...