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Tape is stuck

Richard Norred
Occasional Contributor

Tape is stuck

I have surestore 5300 tape array with dat 40 drive and a dat 30 drive. There is a tape stuck in the dat40 driver. When I do a mt and status it tells me there is no tape. When I do a st status it tells me I/O error. I am new to supporting HP hardware. Can I reboot the tape array without rebooting the server? Any ideas for me?

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Re: Tape is stuck

There is several reasons whay a tape is stuck.
Drive mechanics or bad tape.

To resolve that you need manual intervention.
If you hold the eject button for 6 secs. it will do an emergency eject.
If that fail, you can try 10 secs.
If it still fail, the reason might be, that the drive is in an error state. Only way to resolve that, is to power cycle the drive, and then push the eject button.

If the above steps resolve the problem, you must test the drive with a new tape.

If none of the above resolve the problem you have to remove the tape manually.
On the Sony drives theres a screw on the buttom. Look for hole in the electronics marked with an arrow (Showing wich way to turn). If it's a HP HP DAT drive, I don't know how to remove tape without severe damage.

Richard Norred
Occasional Contributor

Re: Tape is stuck

Can I remove the drive and replace it without shutting down the power?
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Re: Tape is stuck

Yes, I did this several times already.

Pull it, put it back and try again to unload (press button) - maybe this helps already.

Hope this helps!

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