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V046/CPQ2 firmware

Adrian O'Shea
Occasional Contributor

V046/CPQ2 firmware

I have a customer with a msl5052 tape library with 3 SDLT drives. I have a call open with HP but can't find the updated firmware anywhere (the tape options rompaq is v045 revision).
This is on a live netware install so the L&tt utility doesn't seem to want to fetch the f/w from the web.

Please help.

Thanks in advance. or the business email listed.

Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: V046/CPQ2 firmware


The L&TT utility in NetWare won't fetch the firmware image from the web, but you can install the Windows version on any desktop machine.

Download the firmware image you require and then copy it to the firmware directory on the NetWare server which was created when you installed L&TT.

Once the image is copied to that directory, you can use the Library & Tape Tools in NetWare to flash the drives.

How's that for a Windows work-around? ;-)


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