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error in debug.log file

Stig Morten Negård
Occasional Advisor

error in debug.log file


We are encountering some problems with our backupjobs. It reports after backing up data to the tape for some time this message:

Cannot write to device (Medium error.)
Received ABORT request from SM => aborting.

And when I look in the debug.log file, i find only this error for this day:

21.06.2006 10:31:42 VBDA.1996.1008 ["da/win32/sys_regb.c /main/15":344] A.05.10 b209
[VregOpenExported] CreateFile(C:\Program Files\OmniBack\tmp\config\S-1-5-18_Classes) failed (2)

all this results in stop in backup and poor tape. When verifying the tape it returns to normal state (the tape).