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lto1 230 firmware update

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lto1 230 firmware update

I have tried the Tape utilities and it does show that it is an hp lto1 drive. When I try and update firmware nothing is listed or available.
For firmware Firmware: N37Q/Qualstar(0x4) (Ver 005.165, Date 2002/03/01-15:52). When I go to Qualstar website for update it takes me to HP with a note there is a firmware update. Can some one help?
Device: HP Ultrium 1-SCSI serial-IE81K00366 0:0:5
Olibe Babaco
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Re: lto1 230 firmware update

Hi Mikea,

strange version of the FW you have.

According the the resent version is E32D

You can also try the Exe. to flash the FW if this is a HP drive at all. Here is the link:

I guess it is an OEM device though - can you share with us also the PN:

I guess also that the FW update is not the biggets problem with the device, but acc. to me you have to consider the possibility you might not be able to resolve your issue by flashing the FW, when it is an OEM drive.