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running recalibration script has downgraded firmware rev

Dennis Lee_5
Occasional Visitor

running recalibration script has downgraded firmware rev

hi there,
i ran a device analysis test using the HP L&TT. it suggested i run the recalibration script. the test ran successfully, but i think the script has also downgraded the firmware. i was just wondering if anyone else has encountered this, and if upgrading the firmware (again) to the newest revision will have any effect on the recalibration.
thank you.

additional info:
drive: C1537A
firmware rev: L005
backup software: veritas backup exec 8.6
symptoms that led to running recalibration script: got following message in backup log
--- TapeAlert Events ---
Device: HP 0 (DDNY_NT)
A severe error occurred while reading or writing data. This job may not have been successfully completed.

Device: HP 0 (DDNY_NT)
Your data is at risk:
1. Copy any data you require from this tape.
2. Do not use this tape again
3. Restart the operation with a different tape.
Jan Klier
Respected Contributor

Re: running recalibration script has downgraded firmware rev

The process of recalibration does write a new firmware image to the drive. There is one particular firmware image associated with recalibration - thus it is possible to have your firmware downgraded as a result of recalibration. I will investigate this further and post an update.

It should be safe to update the firmware back to the latest after the recalibration is completed.