tar command

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tar command

Dear experts,
I am creating tar files on tape.
#export DEV_DAT=/dev/rmt0mn
#tar cvf $DEV_DAT /tmp/p.txt
#tar cvf $DEV_DAT /tooex
#tar cvf $DEV_DAT /runex

After this
#mt - f $DEV_DAT rew

#tar tvf $DEV_DAT --showing p.txt - OK

#tar tvf $DEV_DAT --showing all the files Exists in /tooex -OK

#tar tvf $DEV_DAT -- showing tar: blocksize=0; broken pipe?
It must show files exists in /runex

Guide , why /runex files are not stored on tape.
How can i do this ?

Re: tar command

Dear Customer,

This looks like a restriction issue with UNIX, if any file at all goes to tape and can be read back, then you might have

to consult an UNIX/Linux Admin to undertand if any restrictions are assigned,

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Re: tar command


Is this continously happening ?  have you tried multiple times and same response.  If it has happened only once, then it could be problem while copying, either in media or tape drive .  If it has happened multiple times,  then while copying, i.e., tar cvf $DEV_DAT /runex  ==> did you get similar error messge.

You may also attempt 'dd'  ( disk dump ), specially for db files ; man pages would give you details 


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I am a HPE Employee
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Re: tar command

Kindly respond to this .

In case it has been resolved, please mention

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