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using dd command on UnixWare

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using dd command on UnixWare

I have HP DAT24i Tape drives installed on unixware 7.1.1 servers. using these tape drives I cann't restore the files backed-up using the dd command:
dd if=(file name) of=/dev/rmt/ctape1 ibs=65536 obs=65536

the restore command used is:
dd if=/dev/rmt/ctape1 of=(file name) ibs=65536 obs=65536

the dd command restore the file correctly only when using a number less than 61440 for the block size

* Note that I can do it using another DDS3 tape drives.
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Re: using dd command on UnixWare

Hello Saber,

this does depend on your tapedrive's device
driver. Do an "ls -l" on both of them and you
will see that the "major device number" is
You COULD try to use that other driver for
your HP drive, but I guess it will not be able
to support the HP drive...