B2620 questions

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Ken Krubsack
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B2620 questions

Having become the new owner of two B2620 units recently, I've been learning my way around the configs.  Have two questions I can't find in the manuals:


1. How do you change the hostname of the things?

2. What bonding mode do you have to use to get high availability and link aggregation on the NICs?  Mode 6 is high availability only - according to what our network guys are seeing on the switch ports, anyway.




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Re: B2620 questions

Hi Ken


In response to your questions:


1. There is no option to change the hostname of the StoreOnce units, as of now. It should be available as an option with a future release, but no details available yet.

2. The default bonding mode used with Software version 3.5.0 and 3.4.0 is Mode 6 (Active Load Balancing). If you wish to change the bonding mode, the unit has to be upgraded to the katest version of 3.6.2, that has introduced 3 network bonding modes:

Mode 1 (Active / Backup)

Mode 4 (IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic Link Aggregation, also known as LACP)

Mode 6 (Active Load Balancing)


From the Release Notes for version 3.6.2:


NOTE: For existing customers to benefit from the new bonding modes, they must reapply their network configuration. HP B6200 customers should contact HP Support for guidance. Customers of all other models should refer to the HP StoreOnce 2620, 4210/4220, 4420/4430 Installation and Configuration guide.


Link to the Release notes of Version 3.6.2:




Hope the information is helpful. 




Ken Krubsack
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Re: B2620 questions



Thanks for the info - something for me to deal with when I get back from vacation.