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Re: Problem adding two enclosures to VLS6500

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Problem adding two enclosures to VLS6500

I am attempting to upgrade our VLS6500 from two enclosures to four. It is currently set up and running with two enclosures, all with 250gb disks. I have bought the upgrade solution, and am trying to add two more enclosures. I have installed them and wired them up, however the enclosures will not light up (they have power and are booting up) but wont recognize. In command view I do not see any new enclosures or drives. What am I doing wrong? Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

Rob O'Reilly

Re: Problem adding two enclosures to VLS6500

Hello Adam,,

First I wanted to verfify that you have powered off everything when installing the additional enclosures. Then once they were connected the enclosures were powered up first before powering up the VLS node server. Is this correct?

If so I would like to know if you have tried installing the upgrade capacity license within CommandView TL.

Rob O.