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We have a 1T storeonce where backups were reaching the limits for backin up data.    Due to a lack of knowledge about the licensing for storeonce we had upgraded one of the systems disks to 1.25Tb, which is now an unsupported license;

Is there a possibility to schrink this disk without loss of backed up data ?   Or do we have to recreate this virtual applicance to get this fixed.

Thaks for a prompt reply.



Re: Storeonce DIsk

Hi K.N

Apologies the reply has been anything but prompt. I assume you are using the Free 1TB VSA?

StoreOnce VSA only supports 'whole' TB increments (specifically 1024GB increments) so a 1.25TB vdisk will always be unsupported. StoreOnce doesnt actually use capacity that is unlicensed so increasing the vdisk to a supported size (2048GB for example) should clear the error. However, you will still be stuck at 1TB licensed capacity obviously..

If it doesn't solve your issue, personally I wouldn't shrink the volume. It *may* be ok but personally I wouldnt trust the hypervisor. The VSA you are using is free so I would (assuming you have the space) download another and replicate the data out of the first VSA and then clean it up once the data is replicated,. If you want to try shrinking the volume I would still download a 2nd free VSA and replicate the data!

If you want to talk about a larger VSA license ping me a message - thank you for using the forum and trying VSA!

Neil Fleming, Team Manager, StoreOnce and Recovery Manager Central Product Management