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Upgrade Firmware versus system show status [StoreOnce 4700]

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Upgrade Firmware versus system show status [StoreOnce 4700]


I'm facing an issue to upgrade firmware for IO module and disk regarding a new enclosure that I've added to a node. New hardware is in Degraded state because of the frmware, so OK let's go to upgrade them.

The pb is that the system show status cmd returns that the service set 1 is error and hence i think the upgrade cannot be done. So I would like to fix the issue but I can't find informations about what's wrong.

Note that the repication service have been paused so it also return in error. But pausing the replication service should not make the overall status in error, isn't it ?

Thanks for your tips and help.

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Re: Upgrade Firmware versus system show status [StoreOnce 4700]

Hello Phil,

Good day to you..!!

The replication delay may show up errors which will reflect in the rolled up status. So that is normal. Since the storage says "to be added". Lets start by adding it first. Once you are in the SSH prompt (Admin Login). Try "hardware add storage".

Once the status of the Storage shows up full capacity without "to be added" message. We can then move on to upgrading the FW. In the meantime, make sure the cabling is done right. Refer to the attached picture for help.4700 SAS Cabling Config4700 SAS Cabling Config

Revert for any queries. If the post helps, provide your valuble feedback.


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