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-Urgent- Library fails to connect after disk replacement

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-Urgent- Library fails to connect after disk replacement

I replaced a failed disk in a D2D 2503i.

The array rebuilt itself as it should, all disks indicate everything is physically fine.

There is only one library configured on the device.

Since the drive has been replaced the library connection "fails to start".

I have tried changing the iSCSI initiator settings, but to no avail.

I am trying to recover a particular file for my customer but cannot.

Also, cannot Import or Inventory in BE 2010.


Can someone please advise?


Also, If I delete the library and rebuild it, will all of the data be lost?


Thank you.



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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: -Urgent- Library fails to connect after disk replacement

Is everything OK on the D2D side?


Do you have connectivity (can you ping, etc)?

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Re: -Urgent- Library fails to connect after disk replacement


From the issue description its clear that the issue is not with D2D Hardware, its actually the VTL Store that is failing to start. If the system was not shut down properly then D2D will have to go through 'integrity check' which can take several hours for VTL to start depending on the size of Store (VTL Carts). If you have already waited for couple of hours the you will have to contact HP Support to troubleshoot this issue.

Deleting & Recreating the Library will fix the issue but all the Data will be lost.