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VLS firmware node restriction.

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Frequent Advisor

VLS firmware node restriction.

Hi Experts,


We are using VLS6636 model and performed firmware upgradation from 2.3.0 to 3.4.0.


After this activity we couldnt create any more catridge and it is giving error as "Node restricted to 96 drives/catridges".


Previously we were using 128 catridges/drives.


Please help me to resolve this




Marcial Wils

Re: VLS firmware node restriction.

Did you applied the patch "hp_2.3.1_noreboot_348 " as indicated in the Firmware 3.4.0 Release Notes?


Patch hp_2.3.1_noreboot_348


Under patch features it says:

"Verify the number of virtual devices (library/drive). Firmware version 2.3.1 and earlier firmware versions allow the creation of up to 192 virtual devices per node, although only 128 devices are supported. Up to 16 of those devices may be libraries. With the 3.4.0 firmware release, the maximum number of devices is restricted to 96 per node; the number of libraries is restricted to 16. When the 3.4.1 firmware version is released, the maximum number of devices per node will be increased to 128 per node, unless deduplication is enabled. Even with 3.4.1, the maximum number of devices is restricted to 96 per node when deduplication is enabled.

  • This test will determine the number of devices configured on each node and will send notifications regarding any changes required prior to upgrading to the 3.4.0 firmware release as well as the changes required prior to installing a deduplication license."

Frequent Advisor

Re: VLS firmware node restriction.

Hi Wils,


Thanks for your elaborated reply. do u have any idea on 3.4.1 firmware release?