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VLS6000 and Solarwinds: SMNP issues

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Jason Antes [2]

VLS6000 and Solarwinds: SMNP issues

I'm trying to get my new VLS6000 into Solarwinds. When I try I have to use the standard "public" communitry string as it will not allow me to use a custom one or even "secure" and connect. When I do use "public" it says that " does not support the Interfaces MIB". I looked and found some MIB's for Procurve servers but nothing for the VLS.

1. Any ideas on how to get this to work with our secure string?
2. Where do I get the MIB's?
scot dowdy_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: VLS6000 and Solarwinds: SMNP issues

Since the VLS device is a storage device it uses a storage MIB.

VLS devices use the standard storage MIB that HP's physical tape libraries use. Attached is a copy of this MIB.